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Natachi Mez – Immaculate

CharRon zoom chatted with Sacramento Poetry Quarterly First Slam Winner: Natachi Mez. Natachi discussed her journey with computers, poetry, music and being a woman. 


Social Media: 

Natachi – (Instagram)

CharRon – Iambiczine (all Social Media)


Poems excerpt: (found on Youtube)

Natachi Mez – Immaculate

Natachi and Naina Durga – All the god I need

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Chris Cornell(even I liked him)

In the 90s, I experience a moment in music. Hip-hop was starting to propel itself beyond the ghettos into the suburbs and rural areas. House music started the push of dance music that evolved even further than what is even played on the radio.  Even pop music started to become a formula that could be used in any genre of music and create song that would saturate the radio and billboard charts.  But, what about happen to rock music?

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