Another one bites the dust


Leaving Stockton

When you think of a sandwich shop, what names come to mind? Subway, Togo’s, Firehouse, Mr. Pickles, or Domino’s? Yes, people! I did say Domino’s. They are selling hot sandwiches as well as pizza. But what about Quiznos? Quiznos was the first sandwich shop to use a pizza oven to toast your bread, meat, and cheese before subway stole the idea by using a microwave. I look at Subway’s microwave as an abomination to the legendary word, “Toasted”. But they have made the process standard in the sandwich Industry.

No Competition

Well, It seems Quiznos is permanently left Stockton on September 18, 2015. After several attempts and multiple location closure, they have finally given up trying to establish shops here in Stockton. Is it due to Subway overcrowding the Stockton area like  McDonald’s or has the demographic become sheep to Subway’s influence? I am not sure but it has been difficult for them to establish a stable location here in Stockton. The famous Quiznos location on Pacific Avenue was terrific real estate to uphold. It was better than a lot of Subway locations, but the lease or customer base was not working, so they close it down. Too bad. I am going to miss the Chicken Carbonara or the Ultimate Club.

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