Welcome to the digital webpage of the local new Zine called IAMBIC. Iambic discuss different elements in the Sacramento Poetry community. The webpage is an extension to the monthly local zine featuring ongoing information to the Sacramento Poetry community.

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The latest issue is out. Check out Volume 2 Issue 1.

Nov issueIssue Feature:

Venue: Writer on the Air

Meet the host: Nolan Neikirk

January calendar

Article by Rebecca Blanton.

Look who’s Performing:


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Are you a Poet or Writer who would like to contribute poems, short stories, events, poetry interviews, and chapbooks advertising, please send emails: iambiczine@gmail.com

Hostful Activities

Jenny & Sho Nuff (Host of Joe Montoya Poetry Unplugged & Sac Slam) will have Sac Slams for January 2018.

Iambic Back Issues

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Aprils 2017

Iambic coverIssue Features:

Venue Profile: Luna’s Café (Joe Montoya’s Poetry Unplugged)

Meet the Host listing

Take 5 (poems section)

Short Story by Sene Star

May 2017

2nd issue colorIssue Features:

Venue Profile: Queen Sheba (Mahogany Poetry)

Meet the Host: Grace Loescher

Short Story by Sene Star

Local Sac Open Mic Calendar

June 2017

3rd issue colorIssue Features:

More poems
New Meet the Host: NSAA

New email address: Iambiczine@gmail.com
New section: Sacramento Slam Page
New Venue: Shine Café



July 2017

Iambic July IssueIssue Features:

More pages
New host interview: Wendy William
Summer Reading List
New Article
New Venue: Oak Park Open Air Open Mic
Young Poet Voice: Shamar



August 2017

Issue Feature:

Venue: Sacramento Poetry Center

Meet the host: Graffiti Bleu

August calendar

Short Story by Sene Star



September 2017

Iambic SeptIssue Feature:

Venue: Rhythm & Poetry

Meet the host: Andru Defeye

September calendar



October 2017
Issue feature:

Venue: Keynotes Poets

Meet the host: Stanley Ray

October calendar

Short Story by SeneStar


November 2017

Nov issueIssue Feature:

Venue: Keynote Poets

Meet the host: Jenny & Marcus(Sho Nuff) Davison

November calendar

Short Story by Sene Star.


December 2017

Nov issueIssue Feature:

Venue: The Intersection

Meet the host: Michael Ellis

December calendar

Final Short Story by Sene Star.