Mother knows best

 “Be versatile or your facial expressions will reveal your clandestine thoughts.”

– CharRon Smith

In the summer of 2009, I was working at a credit union as an Accounting Clerk in the back office.  For 2 years, my work life seemed to overcome my regular life.  I rarely was able to visit with friends or my family on the weekdays for social events.  I became disturbed by my situation that I even saw a shrink to evaluate my emotions.  Like Alice, I have fallen into the rabbit hole and could not find a way to escape.  Even though, I had found allies in my wonderland, I was still a drone.  So one Wednesday, I was sitting at my desk, finished with my work, and waiting for the next project. I went to my email account and started to write about my day and situations I was facing.  After I was finish, I titled it: Happy hump day and emailed it to my Gmail account.

This action started to become a habit and I started sharing my thoughts to others. People started relating to my pain and even emailing me back comments.  So as an irony to myself, I wrote my emails on Wednesday and called them “Happy Hump day”

For a year, I would email certain people this newsletter to break up their monotonous workday.  Each newsletter started to contain questions, list, ideas, and recipes.  I was later told that I was blogging and I needed to get a blog site.  Plus, I needed to cease sending my newsletter to people during work.  I was surprise by the response but I did not want to stop.

Fortunately, My mom had set up a WordPress blog for me in 2010:

I started to write my blog post and was starting to get attention. But I let unforeseen situation become obstacle in my life and I stopped writing.

I was fired from my job 2 years later. I was out of the rabbit hole but I was not happy.  So, I tried to write again but I was unable to get back into my Hump day blog site.  So I created other blog site in other areas. So why Res Wonderland? I am at a turning point. I have stumble into a new rabbit hole and a door is in front of me.  I am scared but curious, torn but driven, confused and excited.  I am leaving California once again.  Will I be back? Only time will tell.

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