10 months of Reckoning



It seems my plan to move to Arizona has been cancelled.  So, now I must go back to my original plan but with a few changes. I have been giving an assignment: Obtain a Job, an Apartment, and a Car within 10 months. The reason: Sarah wants to move back to California.  Now, I have to make this happen immediately.  I have a time and a goal but I need a location to start. So the search begins on where I should go to start my assignment.  


I have been told that Stockton will not work again. So my search to find a new location to live is priority.  I am strongly leaning towards Sacramento to be the location.  I have my friend Joel that has been there since 2006.  He has wanted me to move to Sacramento since we graduated from college because he believes more opportunities are there for me.  Plus, this option has always been on the table. Now, the opportunity has arrived.


So what jobs should I apply for? I have a Bachelor in Accounting and Finance, Associates in Business and Liberal Arts, technical diploma in Logistics, Forklift license, and Certificate in Tax Education. So I am well-versed in a multitude of office positions.  Plus, my 10 year logistics and 6 year financial background should put me into a recognizable industry to work for.  I am pretty confident that I can do any job that I apply for.


The automobile has always been my problem since my first car I got in the military.  I have never had a car last over two years. I need to get enough money to afford a new car.  I can’t be getting used cars anymore because I am just wasting my money and my time. Living in California, You need an automobile to get around the city because it is so spacious.  I may need to get another car loan so I can afford a new car.  I just need to figure out to do that.


I am confident that I can do all of this in 10 month but I am a little concern on where should I start first. But I am going to create list and spreadsheet to keep track of my progress and goals. I am also going to write two blog posts every week to track my progression. I know this is obtainable.

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