City so nice. They named it twice

It’s finally happened. For 25 years, I have ranted, bragged, and raved about going to New York City. The time has come to fulfill that dream. Becca and I are going to New York City.

New York (State)

Now,  I have been to New York (the state) in the early 90s. I remembered my family went to Polk family reunion in the upper parts of New York state. I was not happy. It was definitely a rural area. I laughed about it now, but I was bummed about the whole trip.  I did meet a lot of long distance relatives and got to hang out with my cousins. I rode a 1970 – style bicycle with a banana seat, while rocking neon suspenders. And I got stung by ground bees.  Yes, ground bees! I was surprised as well. But I would have been excited about New York City.  Plus, I had Robin Harris (on cassette) in headphones. It’s hard trying to not laugh in a car full of people.

New York City

My brother, my best friend, my cousin, and even Lauren has been to New York City. But the time has come for my visit. I have a few places on my list. I hoped to see all or most of them. Plus, I wanted to step foot on all the boroughs. I am definitely going to play music from artists who you reside there. It would be cool to run into a celebrity but I would settled with the New York atmosphere.

I can, finally, cross this off my bucket list.  I am excited about this trip.  I am staying in Brooklyn. I will taking pictures in Times Square and visit Ground Zero (the twin towers memorial). Pictures are going to fill my social media. I am even going to do some slams and reading spots while I am there.  I have told my friend, David, that I will do a guerrilla poem out there. Since it is poetry month, I should unleash a guerrilla poem on the world. I have two poems in mind that I will rehearse for it, but I have not pick a location yet. To be continued….

Bonus: I am going to visit a dungeon for the first time.  The kink community is an eye opener. I am definitely the black Alice traveling down this rabbit hole. So keep it lock to my blog,  instagram, twitter, or soundcloud. I am definitely clearing my cellphone and carrying an additional flash drive to get as much content.

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