Change in Scenery (day 12)

I moved from Stockton to Sacramento. I have been living in a 4 bedroom house in south Sacramento for 2 1/2 years. I rented a child size room with 2 windows. The house had several problems. It was definitely a project home. It was not welcoming. People could see that I was unhappy with my living situation but, I maintain and kept myself busy doing open mics and going to work. Then one day, my friend knew a gentleman who had a room to rent. I checked it out and liked one Few days later, he gave me an offer and I accept it. I was excited but skeptical.

All the drama in downtown Sacramento continued and I did not want to be caught in that. Yet, I spend a lot of time downtown and know most of the area. So the opportunity was right. I have giving my rent check with deposit. Couple days later, I was downtown waiting for the start time of a poetry show. So, I went to the new apartment and sat relaxed. So relaxed, I almost missed the show. My soul needed this move and I am glad it happened.

Tree in dry ground wilts
Rain clouds come and rain soaks the soil
Moist soil happy tree.

Letter to Bose (early bird prompt)

Hey, boo

When I get home from a long day. You know what I need to hear. Your sweet whispers send me into the atmosphere. You nimble on my ears and massage my head. I lay on the couch. You put me to bed. Last line was fuzzy. Just alittle EQ. Yeah,

Listen, you sock me up and never stop, slam your O.P.P on me until whoop, there it is! Ah, the good life as my crush on you grooves my senses. This is just the start. You play your part in my exotica. Look what you started, such a power play. What can I say.

We walk outside and I listen to you all day. Okay, some people say I am being inconsiderate, since their opinions, I’m not hearing. But, that how I’m feeling. My day was bad, Boss was mad and time with you is all I had. So be it.
Can you believe their jealousy? Because they see you rocking your accessories. I reward you for given me clarity. Top that, ladies. It’s sounds like they don’t know you. Sony is phony. Panasonic needs help. Beats by Dre are diabolical. Every hero needs their music and you choose it and don’t abuse it. I relax with you when I’m all alone.

To you, my lovely Bose headphones.

Good deed

Who enjoys a good deed? Me. Well, that depends. I was waiting at the bus stop near Natomas marketplace. I got a bag of full of tacos and a burrito. A definite Taco Tuesday entree. After eating, people started appearing at the stop to wait for the bus also. Traffic was busy and moving. Drivers racing to get to the freeway or marketplace.
Suddenly, a SUV broke down in the far left lane next to the island. The driver was waiting for the red traffic light. When the light changed green, all the cars passed the starting line except the SUV. It stalled and the driver was scared. She turned on her hazard light and waited. In a dangerous area, car approached with a sudden stop and carefully went around the stalled SUV. I evaluated the situation. I knew I couldn’t push it myself, so I waited and viewed the situation. The bus was late and the SUV was stuck in the left lane. What do I do?

Then a guy got off the bench and started to walk over.
I asked as he passes me: are you going over to help?
“Yep!” He said confidently.
“Cool, let go.” I say with assurance.

We run into traffic, with our backpacks on, to the SUV. He lets the woman driver know we are here to help. I get behind the SUV and start to push. She hasn’t release the emergency brake yet. He commands her to release the brake. She releases the brake. The SUV starts to move. There is no traffic so we are to clear to cut across the street.

I assumed she would turn right towards the side entrance into marketplace. But she didn’t. She aims for the main entrance. The downhill makes the SUV easy and fast to move. But we reach the bottom and the weight of the Suv starts to reveal itself. This thing is heavy. My legs are spazz and heart races. She takes right into the main entrance with an elevation that I have never noticed before. This SUV is heavy. We struggle to push this SUV to safety while the bus has arrived, has picked up the passengers at the stop, and leaves.
‎I groan: “she better appreciate this.”
‎as we pushed on the cobblestone. She maneuver to the gas station. My lungs are trying to catch a breath. When did a good deed turn into a full body work out?

“Hey. good job. Name’s Josh!” He said between breath.
“CharRon.” I said, exhaling.

The lady driver jumps out and thanks her rescuers.

“Thank you, Thank you!” She shouts.
“No problem. You take care, ma’am.” I say with a tired smile.
Josh and I walk back to the Bus stop. We talk about our appreciation for each other. He pulls out two bottles of water from his backpack and passes me one. I crack my open the bottle cap and take a swig. We both sit on the bench exhausted. Both smiling as we wait for the next bus.

So to all those about to do a good deed, tell them the whole plan or you, too, will be pushing heavy objects uphill.

Good deeds need people
Work for soul. Love for creatures.
Angel’s feathers earned

City so nice. They named it twice

It’s finally happened. For 25 years, I have ranted, bragged, and raved about going to New York City. The time has come to fulfill that dream. Becca and I are going to New York City.

New York (State)

Now,  I have been to New York (the state) in the early 90s. I remembered my family went to Polk family reunion in the upper parts of New York state. I was not happy. It was definitely a rural area. I laughed about it now, but I was bummed about the whole trip.  I did meet a lot of long distance relatives and got to hang out with my cousins. I rode a 1970 – style bicycle with a banana seat, while rocking neon suspenders. And I got stung by ground bees.  Yes, ground bees! I was surprised as well. But I would have been excited about New York City.  Plus, I had Robin Harris (on cassette) in headphones. It’s hard trying to not laugh in a car full of people.

New York City

My brother, my best friend, my cousin, and even Lauren has been to New York City. But the time has come for my visit. I have a few places on my list. I hoped to see all or most of them. Plus, I wanted to step foot on all the boroughs. I am definitely going to play music from artists who you reside there. It would be cool to run into a celebrity but I would settled with the New York atmosphere.

I can, finally, cross this off my bucket list.  I am excited about this trip.  I am staying in Brooklyn. I will taking pictures in Times Square and visit Ground Zero (the twin towers memorial). Pictures are going to fill my social media. I am even going to do some slams and reading spots while I am there.  I have told my friend, David, that I will do a guerrilla poem out there. Since it is poetry month, I should unleash a guerrilla poem on the world. I have two poems in mind that I will rehearse for it, but I have not pick a location yet. To be continued….

Bonus: I am going to visit a dungeon for the first time.  The kink community is an eye opener. I am definitely the black Alice traveling down this rabbit hole. So keep it lock to my blog,  instagram, twitter, or soundcloud. I am definitely clearing my cellphone and carrying an additional flash drive to get as much content.

10 months of Reckoning



It seems my plan to move to Arizona has been cancelled.  So, now I must go back to my original plan but with a few changes. I have been giving an assignment: Obtain a Job, an Apartment, and a Car within 10 months. The reason: Sarah wants to move back to California.  Now, I have to make this happen immediately.  I have a time and a goal but I need a location to start. So the search begins on where I should go to start my assignment.   Continue reading “10 months of Reckoning”

Mother knows best

 “Be versatile or your facial expressions will reveal your clandestine thoughts.”

– CharRon Smith

In the summer of 2009, I was working at a credit union as an Accounting Clerk in the back office.  For 2 years, my work life seemed to overcome my regular life.  I rarely was able to visit with friends or my family on the weekdays for social events.  I became disturbed by my situation that I even saw a shrink to evaluate my emotions.  Like Alice, I have fallen into the rabbit hole and could not find a way to escape.  Even though, I had found allies in my wonderland, I was still a drone.  So one Wednesday, I was sitting at my desk, finished with my work, and waiting for the next project. I went to my email account and started to write about my day and situations I was facing.  After I was finish, I titled it: Happy hump day and emailed it to my Gmail account.

This action started to become a habit and I started sharing my thoughts to others. People started relating to my pain and even emailing me back comments.  So as an irony to myself, I wrote my emails on Wednesday and called them “Happy Hump day”

For a year, I would email certain people this newsletter to break up their monotonous workday.  Each newsletter started to contain questions, list, ideas, and recipes.  I was later told that I was blogging and I needed to get a blog site.  Plus, I needed to cease sending my newsletter to people during work.  I was surprise by the response but I did not want to stop.

Fortunately, My mom had set up a WordPress blog for me in 2010:

I started to write my blog post and was starting to get attention. But I let unforeseen situation become obstacle in my life and I stopped writing.

I was fired from my job 2 years later. I was out of the rabbit hole but I was not happy.  So, I tried to write again but I was unable to get back into my Hump day blog site.  So I created other blog site in other areas. So why Res Wonderland? I am at a turning point. I have stumble into a new rabbit hole and a door is in front of me.  I am scared but curious, torn but driven, confused and excited.  I am leaving California once again.  Will I be back? Only time will tell.