Change in Scenery (day 12)

I moved from Stockton to Sacramento. I have been living in a 4 bedroom house in south Sacramento for 2 1/2 years. I rented a child size room with 2 windows. The house had several problems. It was definitely a project home. It was not welcoming. People could see that I was unhappy with my living situation but, I maintain and kept myself busy doing … Continue reading Change in Scenery (day 12)

City so nice. They named it twice

It’s finally happened. For 25 years, I have ranted, bragged, and raved about going to New York City. The time has come to fulfill that dream. Becca and I are going to New York City. New York (State) Now,  I have been to New York (the state) in the early 90s. I remembered my family went to Polk family reunion in the upper parts of New York state. I was … Continue reading City so nice. They named it twice

10 months of Reckoning



It seems my plan to move to Arizona has been cancelled.  So, now I must go back to my original plan but with a few changes. I have been giving an assignment: Obtain a Job, an Apartment, and a Car within 10 months. The reason: Sarah wants to move back to California.  Now, I have to make this happen immediately.  I have a time and a goal but I need a location to start. So the search begins on where I should go to start my assignment.   Continue reading “10 months of Reckoning”