Letter to Bose (early bird prompt)

Hey, boo

When I get home from a long day. You know what I need to hear. Your sweet whispers send me into the atmosphere. You nimble on my ears and massage my head. I lay on the couch. You put me to bed. Last line was fuzzy. Just alittle EQ. Yeah,

Listen, you sock me up and never stop, slam your O.P.P on me until whoop, there it is! Ah, the good life as my crush on you grooves my senses. This is just the start. You play your part in my exotica. Look what you started, such a power play. What can I say.

We walk outside and I listen to you all day. Okay, some people say I am being inconsiderate, since their opinions, I’m not hearing. But, that how I’m feeling. My day was bad, Boss was mad and time with you is all I had. So be it.
Can you believe their jealousy? Because they see you rocking your accessories. I reward you for given me clarity. Top that, ladies. It’s sounds like they don’t know you. Sony is phony. Panasonic needs help. Beats by Dre are diabolical. Every hero needs their music and you choose it and don’t abuse it. I relax with you when I’m all alone.

To you, my lovely Bose headphones.

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