Capital Idea

Hybrid Capitalistic

If US Capitalism resembles a car, it would resemble a Toyota Prius.  Prius base model uses gasoline to fuel the vehicle but it has a battery  The definition for Capitalism is an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. The United State does not fully conduct in a true capitalist country, due to the fact, the government intervenes consistently. So United States and Canada are running a Capitalist economy under a Socialist government. Overall, the concept of capitalism is a economical blueprint that is filled with socialist ideas.

Yet, society never teaches its citizens how to be poor. It does constantly remind that being wealthy means you can get anything you want. Hell, Society teaches little girls that they are princesses. So, with that kind of logic, doesn’t that make us kings and queens? Do you feel like a monarch? If your answer is No, then why do we lie to her. We celebrate the ideas of monarch and wealth but our forefathers of the United States rebelled the idea. We have followed a delusion that has plagued the social subconscious.

Minority Abuse

Minorities have been abused by capitalism.  Yet, they also want it. They kill for it, they steal for it, and they beg for it. The gatekeepers will remind you of paradise but do not want minorities there. Their tactics have grown:

  •  Controlling Blacks with the reminders of slavery to cannibalize and act violence towards each their own.  
  • Promoting Deportation scares to illegal citizens and their family.
  • Showing favoritism to one race and / or class while oppressing the others. 
  • Terrorizing ghettos or minority area with law enforcement and the legal system.
  • maintaining a poverty class with the distribution of wealth and services.

Civil right movements and organized groups were a spark towards change for equality.  Yet, State government  and law enforcement official have used corruption and terrorism to dismantle or weaken these movement.

These are questions we should find answers for:

  • Do they want racism to stop?
  • Do they want abuse stop?
  • Do they want the poor to prosper?


We know that zombies do not exist but an apocalypse does.  United State has gone through several recessions and a few depressions over the centuries.  But, the government has figure out way to keep democratic ship afloat. Most effective way to resurge our country was wartime.  But that temporary crutch has run its course.

So, why would they want to separate the elite from the commoner, the educated from the uneducated,  or the haves and have-nots? There is a value, an advantage,  and power that only the ones who don’t have it; notice more. But officials have notice the problem with the system are getting extreme. The capitalism economy are starting to reveal weak points That uprising entrepreneurs are starting to exploit.  We are entering into a zombie-capitalism realm. Zombie-capitalism is decaying economic system that is decomposing but still being used to maintain order in this country.  The gatekeepers are attempting to maintain order with extreme tactics:

  • Militarize law enforcement
  • Gentrification
  • Overcrowded Prison system
  • Hostile takeover of federal Native American reservation
  • Corrupting Government officials

Even though the Trump presidency produce social rage, there is a storm coming and they are getting equipped for another Civil War.  Why are you not ready?


Recommend Reading:

End of Capitalism by Alex Knight

Arrival of Zombie-Capitalism by Alex Knight

Is Capitalism ending by Steven Denning


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