Welcome to the year 2017

Normally, I would write on some topic but I just wanted to say that I bless. I may not be where I want to be but it doesn’t mean that it is not obtainable. I have another year to do something extraordinary. It is a shame that most people can not maintain the obligation to their new year’s resolutions due to life situations or people’s moods. Well, this is a perfect time to do something to completion. I have told myself that I want to have more money in my pocket and have a better apartment but I have not started. I should be ashamed of myself. If I want something, then I better go get it. CRAZY as that statement sounds. No one thought that Donald Trump would be elected President. I rest my case. Now, I have 365 days to complete these resolution. Let’s get to work. I suggest you do the same. It is definitely going to be an interesting year.

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