National Museum of American Indians

Due to the Standing Rock incident  with the Dakota Access Pipeline,  I figured this will be a great blog post for today.

Cheshire and I embarked to the National Museum of American Indians. It was an remarkable place filled with relic of modern and ancient Native American that were living in New York State and around the world. I was intrigued by a essay from a Native American woman named Inshata-Theumba:

When the Indian, being a man and not a child, or merely an animal, as some of the would-be civilizers have turned him. fight for his property, liberty, and life, they call him a savage. When the first settlers in this country fought for their property, liberty, and lives, they were heroes. When the Indian in fighting this great nation win a battle it is called a massacre; when this great nation in fighting the Indian wins, it is called a victory.


This statement just goes to show you, the victors write the stories of their fallen enemies.  It did not take long for this statement to resurface.

Energy Transfer Partner wanted to build the Dakota Access Pipe Line from Bakken oil patch that links transmission route to the East Coast and Gulf Coast. But the pipeline will be threatening water quality and scared site of the Standing Rock Sioux.

Protestor started to arrive to interfere with the workers’ access point. This event  did lead to an riot with the Morton county Sheriff using tear gas and water hoses. This was another action United States has continue to mistreat Native Americans.

But a victory has arose. On December 4th, Army Corp of Engineering has denied Energy Transfer Partner request to build pipeline through Missouri River until a full environmental impact statement is completed. So operation has halted, but the war still continues. Protestors are leading divestment campaign against financial institutions like Well Fargo.

Protestors are concerned that president-elect Donald Trump and the government will intervene and assist with finishing the pipeline. This event will definitely be in the history books.

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