Rob Esperanza: Poetry and Politics

CharRon skype chatted with Activist, Father, Farmer, and  Political Poet: Rob Esperanza.

Topic Discussed:

  • His New York Origin
  • Traveling to Sacramento
  • Cultural Shock
  • Hip-Hop & Slam Poetry
  • Poetry style: List poem
  • Nuyorican Cafe
  • New York Poetry & Sac Poetry
  • 2015 Sac Slam team 
  • Trobairitz: Rob’s eclectic collective
  • 2015 National Poetry Slam tournament, Oakland
  • 2015 Oakland protest
  • Micro-agriculture
  • Today’s political climate
  • Social media uproar in El Dorado Hills (link at the bottom)
  • Page vs Stage
  • Top 5 rappers

Social Media:


Iambic poetry podcast


Dear Rob


Black entrepreneurs toured an upscale California neighborhood:

One Reply to “Rob Esperanza: Poetry and Politics”

  1. Rob Esperanza! Beautiful hearing you in this very moving, interesting & informative interview. Loved that final poem you read, just beautiful:)) Thank you so much & thanks to CharRon & Iambic for hosting you.


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