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Six Footah The Poet: Enough is enough

CharRon talks with Bay area native Tasha “Six Footah the Poet” Turner or as CharRon says “TT” for short.

Topic discuss:

  • Her campaign against the Tobacco industry
  • Disturbing advertising tactics used in the Black and Latino communities
  • their mothers’ smoking habits
  • Page vs Stage
  • Poet vs Spoken word artist
  • Speech vs poem
  • Rink Studio (Accapella)
  • Top 5 rappers
  • Brandon Leake

Social Media:

IG: SixFootahthePoet

Facebook: Tasha Six footah the poet

Poems: All poems can be found on Youtube under Six Footah the Poet

  • Baby Girl
  • Say no to Tobacco
  • No Time Limit


I am a Poet, DJ, Musician, Rapper, Father, Podcaster, Writer, and Movie Buff.

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