Day 13 – My Blue day Ghazal 

I woke up while the sun was asleep. Commuting to work as I await for the sky to turn blue.

Walking down the street and got stop by an oxymoron. He asked me if I had any blues.

Browsing through my dad’s records. I listen to the musicians play the blues

Riffing with comics and one was shock. My material is quite blue.

I got Rap music playing in my headphones. I’m vibing on songs with MED and Blu

I worked on the character of my logo. He is not a smurf but he is blue.

Gangbanger live in my neighborhood. Crips all around. Just Blacks in blue.

They hoping to find a sucker slipping. So, they can beat him down black and blue.

My father & brother are Marines and my cousin is a coast guard. My family wears navy blue

My girlfriend, on the phone, is depressed. She hopes I stop by today because she feeling blue.

But I just got a call on winning a new car. It was out of the blue.

It funny how middle Americans are racist and sadistic but they believe they’re true blue.

I wear smile on my face but a middle finger to cops. Never trust the boys in blue.

I had a slam in Paris and finished with high numbers. The host screams sacre bleu.

Day 9: A Zine Fiend (Magic 9)

My obsession is known for my quest on zines

Libraries achieve these authors’ works for fans:

Poetry, letters, comics, and clips from magazines.

Zinesters put these items together and distribute publicly.

My search continues for all ideas to be seen.

Libraries to stores to festivals and distros

Self-publishing is here and I’m uncovering a scene.

Clearly, given the world something that has a demand.

If you want to make your own world, then create some zines.


This poetic form is known as the “Magic 9”: a 9 line poem with a rhyme scheme that is “ABACADABA.” Think abracadabra without “2 R’s”

Click here for more info on the “Magic 9″poetic form

click here on zines


NaPoWriMo Early Bird Prompt: Haibun – Host Duty


I wrote a Haibun with the NaPoWriMo early bird Prompt. It is on my first open mic Host Duty at Joe Montoya’s Poetry Unplugged in Sacramento, CA:

On March 30, 2017:

I went to Luna’s cafe to be a spectator or performer for the open mic night. But I was bestowed an uncommon opportunity: I became the host of Joe Montoya’s poetry unplugged. Unbelievable. I have a café packed with a great audience, a half – filled list of eager performers and poet wanting to get on stage, and no feature to showcase their work.

I was definitely going to work some magic in this room tonight. But, I pulled it off and it worked out. So, attending Joe Montoya’s Poetry Unplugged for a year and 9 months,  I have worked every open mic show role.  I have performed on that stages as an amateur, a feature (Duo and Solo), and now a host. So let’s see what is next? Owner?

New host rises from the crowd
New journey begins

Pushup Challenge

Purple Hearts Foundation

I am a weirdo to be making pushup challenge video after work. I definitely get a few onlooker not sure what I am doing now.  If they want to say anything about me; say I am  unpredictable.  That could get me killed sooner or later. So the latest endeavor was inspired by an associate, Brittknee, doing a pushup challenge sponsored  by the Purple Hearts Foundation. I was unaware of this movement so, I researched it. The 22 pushup challenge movement is about 22 veterans per day commit suicide in the US. So, citizens perform 22 pushups for 22 days to promote the movement suicide prevention.  I saw this movement as a worthy cause. So, I started making pushup video to journal my progress. When I reached the 11th day, I started recording my pushups videos at different locations.  Being a veteran, I can relate to their struggle with civilian life.

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Have you ever did something that impress somebody?
That would be Jenny, my new Slam Poetry coach. We have started training for October Sac Poetry Slam. She training me to write and perform powerful performance poems and improve my ranking with competition.  I definitely wanted this to happen and I am going to follow her lead to get it.  I have known Jen for almost a year now. We met at Joe Montoya’s poetry unplugged at Luna’s cafe. She has watched me perform spoken word poetry and participate in the Sac Slam every third friday for a year. In her words,  I am an inspiring poet who has potential but I am still an amateur.

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My Interview

I was excited to have an interview done on me. I like to thank Izzy Lala for doing an interview on me and my poetry pieces. It was an amazing experience to see me from someone else’s point of view. Plus, I started to understand the image that I projected publicly. The statement of being a tone setter is interesting since I, primarily, sign up as the first poet that starts the show.

My roots with poetry are premature. I have been rapping since I was 10 years old. So, alot of my poems were turned into rap lyrics immediately. Some people say that Rapping is not poetry. I question the remark because evolution is a recurring event. So, when poets view new or strange styles of poetry, they need to understand the importance is still the words. I thought about how I would define my own. I always assumed poetry was similar to a painting or music. I made it for someone to check it out and they created their own interpretation. But reading Austin Kleon’s book, Show Your Work, states my work can’t tell stories itself.

My poetry is my work.

Check out Izzy Lala interview of me:

Seeking The Mic

Production Side

In The Beginning

I was playing musical instruments and working production before I started Deejaying.  Most hip-hop producers were Djs first. I started playing musical instruments in 5 grade.  But, I stopped after two years to pursue typing (not my choice).  In my teenage years, I started searching for music for my rap lyrics. Unforunately, I didn’t know any local music producers.  So, I went to record stores.

My early production process was simple: I would raid the record store for maxi-singles and instrumental CDs. Then, I would write songs to the instrumentals and perform them at talent shows. I acquired a large CD collection.

Sgt. Johnson

My production style started to evolve in Washington state. While working on songs with my rap group, The Essence Of, I met Sgt. Johnson and he began our first sound engineer. I would ask questions during recording breaks about recording. He noticed my curiosity about production. So, one day, he surprised me with a gift: an Alesis HR 16 drum machine and a guitar amplifier. I was amazed. I took it home and started playing with it. My partner, Malcolm, saw this as a great opportunity for me to learn about music production for our group.

So I started shopping at music store and looked for recommended hip-hop hardware. It was expensive.  An AS-10 were $1200, a MPC 2000 were $1000, etc. So, I went a different route: software.

The Software Route

My first music programs were Cakewalk and Mixman. I purchased a desktop computer with a Soundblaster Soundcard and a Casio keyboard. I was determined to learn. So, I began to purchase music magazines and books.  I figured how to connect midi cables to my Casio keyboard, drum machine, and computer. Then I started to make a decent beats in a few months. Plus, I started to teach myself keyboard playing, programming, recording and remixing by using music magazines and books.

JAY of B&R Production

My rap group got a new official music producer, Jay of B&R production. he produce most of the songs on my first group album: The Essence of EP. I watched and studied his method. His funky music style amazed me.  One day, I brought over my drum machine to show him. He was impressed and began playing it. He created a funky beat on my drum machine that blew me away in 10 minutes.  I still have that beat on it.

The Remixer

To advance on my musical studies, I saw a great opportunity to integrate my large CD collection with my music production by remixing songs.  Remixing became a big thing since, the increase popularity of dance music. So, the use of accapellas off CD maxi -singles was wonderful.  I would also use remix programs (Acid, Mixman, and Ableton) to compile musical loops with music artist’s recordings.  Plus, I graduated with sound engineering certificate from American Music. So, I would make music in multiple genre: Hip hop, House, Drum and Bass, Grimes, 2-step, and Trap for several years. I started A Serious Production and aquired additional new gear and music programs.  I opened several music accounts and uploaded a few music tracks.

My Big Break

When you don’t trust people, you begin to hide your creation. I didn’t want them to steal my music without my permission. So, I was holding unfinished songs and instrumentals on my hard drives for years with nothing to show for it. Luckily, I started working as a recording engineer at Aloha Studios in Stockton.

It wasn’t until I met my friend Letter K and TG that I started playing my music to them. We made a compilation album for Letter K’s 5150 record label.  I produced 3 songs, recorded various artists’ music, and engineered the compilation at Aloha Studios. I give a big thanks to Letter K for believing in me.

R-Cal’s first EP

My first solo production project was my little brother, R-Cal. He was starting to be an interesting MC and Beatboxer. So, I persuaded him into producing his first 5 song EP.  He agreed and R-Calogy: the study of C.A.M was created.  The EP was loaded with Beatboxed and musical composition songs with one guest feature MC, Letter K.  He rapped and beatboxed. I engineered, ad-libbed, and produced. It still available for download here on Noisetrade. Not bad for my first solo production credit.

It’s Only 5 (almost)

My first solo album never appeared because I never finish it.  I did make one video for the single, High Scorer on Youtube. But, I never finish my 5 song album that I co-produced and co-wrote it with Juda.  I fell into a low point in my life that consumed my creativity.  I never finished what I started.  But, I still have 80% of the album done.  I never said I quit.


I have been producing music for myself and others artists for almost 20 years.  I have worked with numerous artists.  I have produced and engineer several projects.  I still have a Soundcloud page and Reverbnation page. I enjoy music production and sound engineering.  Now, I work with a local Burlesque group, Pesky Passionettes, as their sound engineer and DJ.  It’s different, but I enjoy the work the same as making my music.


MC Side


Birth of an Emcee

My first love for hip-hop was Emceeing. I enjoyed writing poems and proses in school about nature and personal things. But, I was a 10 years old kid with cable. MTV was one of the most watched channels in my house.  While I enjoyed watching Brit-pop and Heavy Metal, Hip-Hop started to appear.  I found vocalist who did not sing but spoke in rhymes. I thought it was the greatest thing!

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